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As sale season is starting, I wanted to share with you some shopping tips in order to avoid making these mistakes (again) while you are hunting for bargains at the mall or online. So here they are, 5 mistakes to avoid making during sale season:

1. We buy things we don't actually like. A red tag with 70% off written on it can work magic on your brain. Don't let yourself hypnotised by it and ask yourself this question: Would I buy it if it wasn't on sale? Do I actually like it? If the answer is no, then run away from it. You don't need another clothing item that will end up in the back of your closet with the tag on it, just because you realize later on you don't like the design or the colour doesn't suit you. 

2. We buy things we don't need - I tend to like stuff which looks a lot like something I already have. I'm sure you do the same, which is perfectly normal, because this means you kinda have an idea on what suits your style. Just make a list of things you need from home and try to stick to it. 

3. We go for the super trendy stuff - We are all influenced by trends in one way or another, but don't buy the super trendy items because you will wear them one month and after you will not like them anymore. Instead buy something classic like jeans, shirts or a nice bag.

4. We choose quantity over quality. Instead of buying 10 dresses you won't wear much, buy those designer shoes you've been dreaming of for months. You will spend just as much money. 

5. We buy things that aren't our size. "It doesn't matter the jeans are one size smaller, I'll loose some weight" or "Who cares if the shoes are half a size smaller, they will become my size if I wear them a couple of times" Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, you should stop doing it immediately, because your feet won't shrink and there's absolutely no point in starving yourself just to fit in a new pair of jeans you bought on sale. 

Photo from Harper's Bazaar and Elle. 


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Recently launched on the market, Monse is one of those brands you need to follow and tell your friends about! With only 3 collections presented so far at New York Fashion Week, it managed to grab everyone's attention from fashion editors to celebrities and bloggers. 

I personally love the deconstructed trench coat which they transformed in a dress, the shirt-dress that can be worn either with trousers or with a corset on top, the attention they payed to details such as the oversized scarves attached to the tops or the belts around the waist. The entire collection just screams perfection! 

You can see the rest of it on Vogue.com 


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This summer get your dose of coolness with a very simple look - mom jeans and a logo T-shirt. Last week-end while browsing Pinterest I saw an image which inspired me to dig more into this trend and actually made me buy a logo tee. I know, I'm having an impulse shopping moment. Why I couldn't resist it? Because in the summer time when it's incredibily hot in Bucharest, I am running out of styling ideas and I always end up wearing a top and shorts. Therefore, a T-shirt that's a bit more funky than the regular white one, will add a touch of je ne sais quoi to my boring everyday uniform. 

Kenzo Tiger Tee || Pepsi Zara Tee || Levi's Tee || Vetements DHL Tee || Supreme Logo Tee


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The downside of summer is that (at least in Bucharest) the temperature rises so high, that you simply can't wear anything more than a tank top and shorts. This makes the whole process of getting dressed in the morning sorf of unpleasant and sometimes annoying, because you eventually feel you wear the same clothes over and over again.  This is why, I thought of sharing with you some outfit ideas, which hopefully will make your summer wardrobe more exciting (and sexy!). Here's the list: 

1. A shirt with a knot in front. Very 70s style, but still very cool. You can wear it with trousers, jeans or skirts - whatever your choise, make sure they have a high waist. Here and here are some nice ones.

2. A black minimalistic dress like the one from Realisation Par will be your best friend no matter the situation. You can make it more casual, by wearing it with sneakers or sexier by adding some kitten heels. 

3. An all white with a touch of red look a la Jane Birkin. Perfect colour to help you put up with the heat and the red touch is very 2016.

4. A V-neck linnen shirt with a denim mini skirt. It's a classic that would never go out of fashion, trust me! 

5. A bodysuit with high waist jeans - very 90s, so this means it's very trendy now again too. Add to this a pair of strappy sandals or some espadrilles and you're ready to go out! 


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Sometimes it's more fun to shop at the men's departement store, so I made a small guide on what to buy and how to wear them. to Can you guess which clothing items are from the men's section? I'll give you a hint there are 5 of them. 

Shirts, T-shirts and tank tops usually look better than the ones you can find at the women's section. Why? Because they have a straight cut, while the ones specially made for women tend to follow the body line, except if the tag says "oversized". If you tuck them inside your trousers or skirt you will achieve that cool effortless look. 

Trousers are a bit more tricky to wear, but if you want to give them a try, here's what you should do: keep in mind they will look a bit baggy, so roll them up in order to get a glimpse of the ankle and put on a pair of high-heels. You can go for something more tight on the upper part in order to look more feminine. 

Jackets are cool to wear with jeans and tank tops. You can opt for a classic blazer or a varsity jacket. High heels aren't optional in this situation. 

I'm wearing a white shirt, a white T-shirt, black trousers, varsity jacket and black jacket which are borrowed from the boys! 

Photography: George Pruteanu


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A couple of years ago statement necklaces were the must-have accessories! Colourful and with lots of shinny stones, everybody was crazy about them. Personally, I was never much a fan and when the trend started to become outdated, I couldn't be happier! 

For a couple of seasons now, big earrings have replaced the statement necklaces and even though, it's no news, I'm still very much into them. If you want to wear them during the day, choose a minimalist style or a medium size and if you want to go big at the next party you will attend, choose a gold pair! I particulary like the way they match with sheer beige or white tops or with black contrasting outfits. 

photo: tumblr and pinterest


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A classic that's always on trend. That's my definition of the denim on denim combo. How to wear it in order to nail the styling? It's true it can be a bit tricky for beginners, so here are some tips on it: 

Match different colours - it can be a mix between white jeans and a blue denim shirt or dark jeans and a light blue shirt. Just keep in mind that the darker shade will slim you down and the lighter one will draw attention to your body. I chose an almost identical shade of denim, but be careful, it has to be the same fabric and colour in order to look good. 

Wear different accessories with it - preferably in black. For this summer, I chose a pair of espadrilles from Castaner and a small leather bag. Don't over-accessorize, because the look already seems a bit heavy because of the fabric. 

Find a cool shape - Try to stay away from skinny jeans. They're starting to be a bit passe. I paired some mom jeans with a denim shirt which I got from the men's departement. 

I'm wearing H&M shirt, Topshop jeans, Castaner shoes, Cmood bag. 

Photography Christian Tudose