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Packing for holiday is usually fun, but sometimes it can become a little bit of a hassle if you overthink it - 3 outfits per day, 10 pairs of shoes, your entire collection of bathing suits, etc. You don't need all of that in order to have a stylish and comfortable vacation, just these 10 essential items: 

1. A white one-piece bathing suit like the one Romy Schneider wears in La Piscine. A classic piece that won't let you down in any situation. This one from Eres looks exactly the same and it will be a lifetime investment.

2. A straw bag to wear to the beach and everyday. It will be big enough for you to put everything it in and you will look very much like Jane Birkin with it. 

3. A white crochet dress for going out dancing. Again, Jane Birkin inspired.

4. A perfect pair of high-waist jeans to wear with your one piece bathing suit. 

5. A Panama hat for the sunny days. 

6. Castaner espadrilles because they are so hot this summer. 

7. An oversized white shirt to wear on top of your bikini or just with jeans. 

8. Big statement sunglasses or whatever shape fits you best. 

9. A Breton top like the one Brigitte Bardot wears, because it's a classic piece that would instantly become your favourite holiday item.

10. Again, another classic from La Piscine, a two-piece bathing suit, because you would want to get a tan this summer! 


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What the industry was anticipating eventually happened yesterday evening during Vetements SS17 show - Fashion is going back to early 2000s. So if you still have in your wardrobe that Jenny-from-the-block pink velvet tracksuit from Juicy Couture, now it's time for it again. Oh yes, in case you don't believe me, see for yourself here. It won't be long until the enthusiastic fashion crowd would proudly wear them.

Inspired by this event and a picture I saw on Instagram, I thought of digging more into old collections and share with you some looks from early 2000s that you could easily wear now. 

Dresses on top of shirts, corsets on top of dresses, oversized suits paired with sheer tops and sexy white shirts worn with cullotte trousers, they all seem very 2016, right? Images are from Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Prada. 

I'm sure most of you watched Sex and the City and remember the beige slip dress Carrie wore on her first date with Mr Big. Well, this one from Yves Saint Laurent's 2002 collection makes me think of it a lot and frankly, I wouldn't mind wearing something similar this summer. It would look extremely cool especially on a tanned skin. 

Photo credits: Vogue.com and Prada Archives


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If you are a shoe addict like myself, you will instantly fall in love with these two brands I recently discovered, which mix high quality, great designs and affordable prices:

Aeyde is a Berlin based shoe brand, which was launched in 2015. If you are looking for contemporary designs in luxury quality, but at a fair price, this is the place to visit. All their shoes are made of luxury materials such as 100% calfskin leathers and they are manufactured in Italy. 


Another recent discovery is Swedish shoe designer Jennie-Ellen. Her designs go from classical minimalistic to statement designs using unconventional bold details and materials. Personally, I love the orange shoes and I'm seriously considering buying a pair! 



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As sale season is starting, I wanted to share with you some shopping tips in order to avoid making these mistakes (again) while you are hunting for bargains at the mall or online. So here they are, 5 mistakes to avoid making during sale season:

1. We buy things we don't actually like. A red tag with 70% off written on it can work magic on your brain. Don't let yourself hypnotised by it and ask yourself this question: Would I buy it if it wasn't on sale? Do I actually like it? If the answer is no, then run away from it. You don't need another clothing item that will end up in the back of your closet with the tag on it, just because you realize later on you don't like the design or the colour doesn't suit you. 

2. We buy things we don't need - I tend to like stuff which looks a lot like something I already have. I'm sure you do the same, which is perfectly normal, because this means you kinda have an idea on what suits your style. Just make a list of things you need from home and try to stick to it. 

3. We go for the super trendy stuff - We are all influenced by trends in one way or another, but don't buy the super trendy items because you will wear them one month and after you will not like them anymore. Instead buy something classic like jeans, shirts or a nice bag.

4. We choose quantity over quality. Instead of buying 10 dresses you won't wear much, buy those designer shoes you've been dreaming of for months. You will spend just as much money. 

5. We buy things that aren't our size. "It doesn't matter the jeans are one size smaller, I'll loose some weight" or "Who cares if the shoes are half a size smaller, they will become my size if I wear them a couple of times" Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, you should stop doing it immediately, because your feet won't shrink and there's absolutely no point in starving yourself just to fit in a new pair of jeans you bought on sale. 

Photo from Harper's Bazaar and Elle. 


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Recently launched on the market, Monse is one of those brands you need to follow and tell your friends about! With only 3 collections presented so far at New York Fashion Week, it managed to grab everyone's attention from fashion editors to celebrities and bloggers. 

I personally love the deconstructed trench coat which they transformed in a dress, the shirt-dress that can be worn either with trousers or with a corset on top, the attention they payed to details such as the oversized scarves attached to the tops or the belts around the waist. The entire collection just screams perfection! 

You can see the rest of it on Vogue.com