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For the first time in my life, at ELLE Blogging Awards I wore red! It was a tuxedo, something I'm was familiar with, but the colour was completely new to me. When I first tried it on (it was also 1 hour before the event), I was a bit skeptical about how I look in a full red outfit. I knew I was just not used to it, so I decided not to think too much about it and just go with the flow. I must admit, later on, the amount of compliments I received had a major influence on my decision to feel good about this colour. I even consider wearing it again. 

So if you are a begginer like myself on the subject, best way to start wearing red is to add an accessory to your monochrome outfit. You can opt for a wide belt as seen at Saint Laurent FW 2016 show, a lovely bag like the one from CMOOD Concept, which will make any outfit stand out, or a pair of red shoes and imagine you're Dorothy in the Emerald City. Whatever accessory you pick, don't worry, next season, red will be a huge hit! 

Saint Laurent belt || CMOOD Concept bag || Lanvin shoes


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Let's say I didn't choose the best day to talk about swimsuits (in Bucharest it's rainy&cold at the moment), but at least we can all dream of a sunny beach somewhere next to the Mediterranean sea or even better, an exotic location. A friend asked me a while ago where she can find a cool bathing suit for this summmer, so that's why I decided to do this post - in case someone else has the same dilemma. 

When it comes to swimwear, my advice is to choose a brand specialized in these type of products. Why? Because the fabric, the design and the cut are better quality and they will last a lifetime (so to speak). Just like you would buy shoes from a brand which sells exclusively this type of product and you know they will be comfortable and high-quality, you should buy a swimsuit from a brand that sells only that. Also, don't be afraid to splurge, since you will wear it for at least a couple of seasons.  

Which brand should you look for? If you really want to go big, go to Eres - it's like the Chanel for swimwear - it's timeless, great quality and the design would most probably fit you like a glove. I also suggest Melissa Odabash (here in Bucharest you can find it at Pure Lingerie shop) or Marysia. Some other brands worth taking a look at are NU SWIM and Bower - kind of new on the market, but definitely for the cool girls. 

Click through the images and see the selection I made. You will find a wide range of products for every budget. 


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If you follow me on social media, you must have heard by now about this project. Perhaps you're wondering what's the story behind the #HMSuperBday hashtag or the meaning of 5? On 25th of May, H&M will celebrate 5 years since the opening of their first store in Romania and to celebrate this anniversary, they brought together 25 most influential people in fashion and social media. I'm honoured to be part of them and I can't wait to share with you more about it! 

The past 5 years reflect the unpredictability of life and the constant need of change. When I look back, I realize so many things happened, things that 5 years ago I was only dreaming of. I have always been interested in fashion and I remember flipping through the pages of every magazine I could find thinking "Oh, I'd love to work as stylist" but I didn't think it was possible. When H&M opened their first store in Bucharest, I was in my final year of my Art History studies, not knowing what to do next. One year later, I decided to open this blog in order to be able to share my ideas somewhere and experiment with fashion as much as I can. After that, everything else happened. 

For me, number 5 is the proof of making the impossible possible. 5 years of hard work with ups and downs. 5 years during which some people entered my life and some left, but at the end of the day, they all influeced it in one way or another. I'm very excited to see what the next 5 years will bring!

Behind the scenes images of H&M Super B-day photoshoot: Styling @rdstylingproject by Domnica Margescu & Roxana Voloseniuc using exclusive H&M clothing available in stores, make-up & hair by Alexandru Abagiu and Sorin Stratulat and their Beauty District team, photographer Dan Beleiu. Stay tuned for the final images!  

les classiques: STRAW BAG

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Traveling has always been a source of inspiration and Paris is definitely one of the places which inspires me most. Each time I go there (and lately it was more often than I expected), I try to spot the next big thing. What I love most about Parisian girls is that they pick certain timeless items and make them trendy again - like the espadrilles, the bandana scarf or in this case, the straw handbag. 

We all know the iconic image of Jane Birkin and I'm sure most of you usually wear a straw bag while you are on holidays. But how about changing the classic leather bag with a straw bag for everyday in the city? I was on the platform waiting for the metro in Paris and all of the sudden, a woman passed by dressed in a very elegant style. She had black pencil trousers, a printed shirt, some kitten heels. The look could have been very appropiate for the office as well, but her bag was made of straw. Very chic, very summerish! I will definitely try it this summer!