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Vetements SS16 by Pierre-Ange Carlotti - See all the images here.


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As you well know, lingerie inspired clothes have been on every single catwalk for Spring-Summer 2016. From Saint Laurent to Calvin Klein, designers seemed to agree this will become a major trend next season. Of course, it's nothing particulary new about it, we all remember Courtney Love in the 90s casually wearing her slip dress with a tiara or Kate Moss showing up in something similar at all the fashion parties. 

As for me, when I found this dress from Pas du Tout, I immediately felt like giving this trend a try. Since it's pretty damn cold in Bucharest at the moment, I was left with no other option than to pair it with jeans and some boots, but I can't wait to wear the summer party version of the same outfit. 

And yes, I'm almost wearing the same outfit, but in different ways! 

I'm wearing on the left: Pas du Tout dress,   Weekday jacket, Lee Cooper jeans, Musette boots || Same dress and jacket, H&M shoes.

Credits: left, my iPhone, right, photo by Ionut Staicu


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I've always been attracted to retro fashion and I discovered it was a part of my style even when I wasn't aware of it. For example, I remember last summer, a friend made a remark on it, "The way you dress has a lot of retro influences, look at your bag" she told me...and as I was starring at it, I realized she was right. Even though to me, it was something so natural and it seemed like such a basic item, the bag actually had a retro shape. She was reffering to my red snake print bag. And when the 70s became super trendy again, you can imagine I was tempted to take this trend as far as possible. 

I'm wearing a Zara turtleneck, H&M trousers, Musette boots, H&M belt.