10560372_714506155283471_6266415388516096802_oI don’t remember exactly when I started to be interested in fashion, but I realized quite young it was serious. Probably when my Barbie dolls started to have a bigger dressing room than Princess Diana.

After 5 years of majoring in Art History, I got to the conclusion I was more interested in Las Meninas’ dresses, than in their influence in XVII century Spanish painting. Today, I’m working as a fashion stylist for VIVA! Magazine, where I get to play with fashion and make use of my creativity.

Even though I hesitated a bit, I started this blog, because I wanted to have my own virtual space, where I can experiment with fashion the way I wanted to. I’ve always admired the effortless parisian style, the nordic minimalism and the ubercool feel of cities like Berlin.

I like fashion that mixes timeless elegance with sophisticated temporary trends, all with a touch of edginess. Sounds complicated, I know. But if you spare some of your precious time to flip through the blog, you’ll get it.

Any constructive suggestions, mean criticisms, love declarations or psychological advice on narcissistic issues are welcome at contact@thestunninglook.com

For (serious) collaborations, partnerships, fashion advice or shopping assistance you can find me at the same e-mail address contact@thestunninglook.com

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