Trends come and go. Now you love them, the next day, you don’t. I guess it’s the normal circle of fashion, but here are some styling tricks I would really like to see less from now on:


Chockers had a major comeback last year and just as fast as they were in, now they’re out. It a was a fun 90s trend and we all loved it. They were available in so many shapes, fabrics and colours, that for a while, they were the hottest accesorry to have. I liked them too, though I never actually wore them, because they just didn’t seem to fit my style. What can you wear instead now? It could be a pair of mismatched earrings or some cool brooches.

Slip dress on top of a white T-shirt

I’ve seen it so many times, that now it seems like the most obvious boring styling trick you can pull. If you want to avoid looking like everyone else, you can wear a white shirt underneath or even better, just the dress by itself. Make sure you get some sun kissed skin before!


During the last two fashion weeks everyone at least once wore a hoodie. I was scrolling the images for some real streetstyle inspiration and at one point I had the feeling it was more about clichees and brands. Good thing summer is coming so we won’t see them for a while.

Over the knee boots with shorts

Over the knee boots can easily look very tacky and I’m sure Pretty Woman is not a look you are aiming for. I know lots of girls still wear them when they go clubbing, but I believe this trend needs to stop. So, unless you are wearing the latest over the knee satin boots from Balenciaga or Vetements (which also btw, shouldn’t be paired with denim shorts), leave them at home and put on a pair of cowboy boots or some kitten pointed toe shoes. Yes, they can look very sexy with denim shorts.