We all aim to have our own signature style and a perfectly curated wardrobe. I believe you don’t need tons of clothes to create a personal style, it’s more about planning, selecting and paying attention to several things such as colours, fabrics, accessories,etc.

And to make things even more clear, I made a list of 10 tips you should always keep in mind when you go shopping:

1. Plan shopping

Making a list before you go hit the stores will help you figure out what are the clothing items and accessories you need and help you stay away from the unnecessary ones. Save the items on your wishlist and come back to them later. If you still like them after a couple of weeks, then buy them. If not, you can forget about them.

2. Choose brands

Staying more or less faithfull to a certain brand or designer will make your wardrobe look more organized and coherent. Why so? Because their designs will always have on element in common no matter the trend or the season.


3. Cost per wear

Think about how many times you would wear a certain item, especially if you plan to splurge on it. If it’s a dress, I would say it’s not worth buying an expensive one, because you would wear it once or twice. If it’s a coat or a leather jacket, then you should totally go for it, since you will wear it so many times, over and over again.

4. Get the basics

A nice pair of jeans, a cool everyday blazer, the perfect white tee, a soft cashmere sweater, etc. No matter your style, you should have these basic items in order to be able to style yourself easily everyday.


5. Dress your age and body shape

One of the main rules in order to achieve a sophisticated personal style is to know which type of clothing looks good on you and which doesn’t.

6. Invest in bags and shoes

There’s no secret a nice leather bag and a comfortable stylish pair of shoes will easily elevate even your most simple outfit. Therefore when it comes to these items, always go for the best.


7. Get some statement jewellery

Find those accessories which suit you best. Some of us look good with big earrings, some don’t. Some look good with minimal jewellery, some look better with oversized coloured ones. The important thing is to find those accessories that will naturally complete your outfits, without looking as if you tried hard.

8. Know your fabrics

Make sure you always check the label and avoid cheap looking fabrics. This doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive clothes, but you should definitely buy only the ones that look expensive.


9. Choose your colours

In the past six years, when it comes to colours my wardrobe became very minimal. Personally, I prefer neutrals such as black, grey, white or denim and I rarely buy something with print on it.

10. Buy 5 trendy items per season

You don’t need more than 5 items in order to keep up with the trends each season. This rule will also help you keep your personal style and not become a trend addict. You can buy a pair of statement shoes, a top or a jacket, depends what you think will be a good addition to your wardrobe.


photos: collagevintage