When I think of hoodies and tracksuits, the first thing that pops in my mind is an image of the way young people used to dress in the 90s in Romania or in Eastern Europe a couple of years after the fall of communism. It’s certainly the same image Demna Gvasalia had in mind when his models at Vetements were dressed in something which looked a lot like the American sportswear clothing young people used to wear here in the 90s. Back then, owning an Adidas or Nike tracksuit was the equivalent of wearing designers clothing today. The rich kids were proudly showing off their outifts and the less privileged had the knock-offs version of it. If you watched “Everything is Illuminated”, Alex is a very good example of the type I’m talking about. Even back then, I found them both ridiculous, which brings a different subject on the table. Are we ridiculous now?

What I find interesting is that Gvasalia actually managed to translate that attitude and state of mind now in 2016 in the fashion world. You see models, bloggers and fashion editors wearing the 3000 euro versions of the tracksuits worn by the cool kids from the 90s. How did he manage to do it? Is it a trend to try or to leave it to fade away again? I let you decide, but here are some tips on how to wear it, in case you like it:

Buy a hoodie in black/grey/dark blue and wear it with black pencil trousers – it will give you a more polished look. If you pair it with a short leather skirt, as seen in Anja Rubik’s collection for IRO, you can be quite sexy, so why not? But for the full tracksuit look, you need a lot of confidence and attitude.

Photo credits:, iro paris